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Right Back - Class of 2024
Right Foot Dominant

Club: Whitecaps London

Athletic Achievements

  • 2023 FTF Top 60 Showcase

  • 2023 West Division OPDL U17 Champions

  • 2023 Varsity Soccer MVP, Senior Volleyball MVP, Badminton MVP, grade 11 Female Athlete of the Year

  • 2022 FTF Top 60 Showcase, honourable mention

  • 2022 Junior volleyball MVP

  • 2019 World Championships Silver Medal - Team Canada Junio (Cheerleading)

  • 2018 - Undefeated season - London FC

Academic Achievements

  • 2023 Honour Roll

  • 2022 Honour Roll

  • 2021 Honour Roll, Excellence

Planned area of study


Current Average 85%

Personal Statement

As a soccer player, I am aggressive, quick and versatile, often playing more than one position during a game.  I have a strong technical background.  My passing accuracy and range allow me to efficiently move the ball to my attackers and directly the play from a defensive position. When the opportunity presents itself, I enjoying jumping into the attack. I have a calm, dependable demeanour and frequently take on a leadership role within my team both on and off the field.

Olivia M.: Project
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