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Evans, Kya.jpg


Centre Back - Class of 2024
Right Foot Dominant

Club: HEADS United

GPA 4.00

Athletic Achievements

  • 2022 The Rey Cup Tournament - Iceland

  • 2019 Erie Premier Cup Showcase Champions

  • 2019 SWRSA Southwest Soccer Champions

  • 2019 District League Cup Champions

  • 2021 Ontario Cup Semi-Finalists

Academic Achievements

  • Honour Roll - grade 9

  • Grade 8 Academic Award

Planned area of study


Personal Statement

I started playing soccer competitively when I was 8 years old and it quickly became one of my biggest passions in life. 

I take direction well but am also capable of adapting my style of play to match the current game situation.

I am confident on the ball and calculated in my play making abilities. I can be a strong physical presence on the field when needed and consistently create momentum moving up the field in key high pressure situations.

Most importantly, I am a dependable team player on and off the field who is coachable, hardworking, focussed and always brings a positive attitude to every game, practice or training session.

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