Avery G.

Winger - Class of 2024
Right Foot Dominant

Club: HEADS United

Grade 10 Student 

GPA 3.90

Athletic Achievements

  • 2022 The Rey Cup Tournament - Iceland

  • competitive soccer player for 6 years

  • competitive hockey player for 6 years

  • track and field - 100m, 400m specialist

  • cross-country runner

Academic Achievements

  • Honour Roll- grade 9

Planned area of study


Personal Statement

I started playing soccer at the age of 3 and have been playing competitively since age 8.  I give 100% percent to my academics and my athletics.  I am a coachable athlete who leads by example through my hard-work on the field and this has been recognized by my team.

Academically, I plan to obtain a degree in Science and the move on to Veterinary School.  As COVID restrictions ease, I hope to volunteer my time at a local humane society or animal shelter.