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Winger - Class of 2024
Right Foot Dominant

Club: HEADS United

Athletic Achievements

  • 2022 The Rey Cup Tournament - Iceland

  • 2nd in League Scoring 2021

  • Athlete of the Year - Grade 8

  • Track and Field - 100m 200m, multiple first place finishes

Community Involvement

Volunteered for numerous Special Olympic events including the Spring games hosted by the Guelph Police Service. This including fundraising, and collecting donations at different venues. Also participated in Santa Claus parades with soccer team.

Planned area of study

Personal Statement

I have had a passion for soccer from a very young age. It is this passion that has allowed me to continue to learn and grow as an athlete.  I thrive in a team environment and love the challenges that the coaching staff brings to the team.

Brooke H.: Project
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